The Melanesian Foundation, Inc.

The Melanesian Foundation Inc. was initially established in 1983 for the purpose of allowing passengers of the Melanesian Explorer to donate funds towards projects in villages that were visited regularly as a means of thanking the people and leaving some tangible ways in which the community would benefit.


The crew of the Melanesian Discoverer also agreed to provide 50% of gratuities towards the Foundation as they, like MTS felt that everyone should share what was given in tips as the people in villages were very much apart of the attraction which made any visit to the Sepik River and other parts of PNG what has been described as one of the most marvellous travel experiences in the world.


MTS have continued to be the largest contributor to the Foundation.  The entire operational cost of the helicopter for medivacs, transport and administration to support projects including susbstantial annual grants have the most constant source of funding.


Amongst our passengers, some have witnessed what the Foundation has achieved over the years and have given donations on an annual basis to assist the Foundation in expanding its projects and programs.  We are very grateful to those donors, thank you!


The Foundation is now a registered non-profit organization.  It has been given duty and GST tax exemption by the National Government and in recent years has become involved in larger projects in conjunction with churches, NGO's the National Government and recently assisted the US Navy undertake humanitarian help to the people of Madang.


In order for the Foundation to expand its work a decision has been made by Sir Peter Barter, the Chairman to employ a full time Director and an Assistant.  The newly appointed Director is Peter Memafu who was formerly involved in Provincial and National Planning Department.


Peter's first task was to help coordinate the US Navy undertake humanitarian projects in Josephstaal, Miak on Kar Kar Island, undertake massive immunization in various parts of Madang and carry out road and school maintenance.  After the US Navy departed, the Foundation has completed much of the work that was not finished, this work still continued.  Most recently the coordination of the Hagahai Health Centre at Mamuse.


Although not well known, the Foundation has made and delivered more than 25,000 double school desks to community schools along the Sepik, Madang and Milne Bay in doing so, the Foundation has become thre largest supplier of school desks in PNG.


Once the Foundation completes its current projects they will focus on construction of a Medical Health Centre and VCT at Basamuk close to the new Ramu Nico Mine.  A new Medical Clinic on Krangket Island and other projects that have been identified.


We hope that this website will provide more detailed information on the activities and encourage donors to continue to support they have given in the past.



Sir Peter Barter


Melanesian Foundation Inc.

P. O. Box 707, Madang, Papua New Guinea.

Tel: 8541261 Fax: 952 3543 email:



Pictures Top Left to Right:

Laloki Mental Hospital, Port Moresby

Bridge washed away on Surinam River, Madang

Medivac arrival of patient, Modilon Hospital

Picture from Top to Bottom:

Sister at Timbunke, Sepik River given Christmas hamper

Potsdam Care Centre, evacuees from Manam Eruption

Construction of Seawalls and wharves to protect against rise in tide caused by Global Warming, Madang Township.

Low Volcanic Eruption at Manam Island, July 2008

Children at the Mangem Care Centre.

Erosion of Bridge pylons on the Guam River

Delivery of Medical Supplies, East Sepik Province

Volcanic Action continuing at Rabaul, ENB

New Tractor donated by Foundation, flown in by the US Helicopter and now seen cutting airstrip that was previously closed.


Head Office Address:

Melanesian Foundation

Registration Number: 00001857766 

P. O. Box 707, Madang, Papua New Guinea.

Tel: 854 1361 Fax: 852 3543




Bank Details:

The Melanesian Foundation Incorporated

Bank of South Pacific, Madang Branch

BSB: 088 953

Account No: 1000079875

Swift Code: BOSPPGPM